A visit to a book fair

The fair used to be held on the MaidanKolkata's large urban park. As the clock struck eight in memorable words, we returned back home with the bulk of books in our hands. I was in a fix.

Book fairs have sprung up in the Arab world as one means to address this lack and bring readers, bookstores, and libraries a larger selection of titles annually.

Visit to Delhi Book Fair, Sep. 2012

The Publishers and Booksellers' Guild, organizers of the book fair, had to shift the venue from the Maidan to Salt Lake in after environmental activists won a legal battle to stop the event from being held in the city's green area.

It filled me with so much delight that I can never describe my feelings in mere words. There were policemen on duty round the clock. I found the visitors choosing books of their choice out of the huge stock at the stall. All the bunch of students interviewed him and took photographs and bytes with full enthusiasm.

The aims of the fair are to provide a large, well-stocked market of books to an Egyptian audience, facilitate cultural exchange and discussion, and ease relations between authors, publishers, and readers, and the fair is just that, complete with plenty of families and a relaxed atmosphere.

Men and women were at their casuals but the students were seen very busy in watching and buying the books. Kolkata Book Fair was of special significance as it was technically updated and remodeled to keep pace with international standards.

There were local publishers, National publishers and International publishers with various kinds of books, Periodicals, Teaching Aids, audio-visual materials, computer software and hardware etc. The book fair was delayed by a week in order to avoid the anniversary of Jan.

The stalls in each sector were decorated beautifully.

Kolkata Book Fair

So I purchased a number of them. Censorship at the CIBF made the news again in and when several journalists were arrested and charged with disseminating false propaganda at the fair, and yet again in when several titles, including works by Milan Kundera and the aforementioned Choukri, were confiscated at the Cairo airport without explanation.

The visitors entered each stall, welcomed by the smiling salesmen, went around inside it looking at the books arranged subject wise in different sections. The book fair looked quite a dreamland. Directions to the fair: It is really an exciting trip around the book fair.

As I entered the land of books, I forgot myself. We discussed this with our teacher to visit this mega event. But I missed your company very much. The focal theme of the fair was Peru.A book fair will be held on March Writers’ tables are free, but limited.

Admission to the book fair, featuring these authors and other local and regional writers, is free. Find your school, click “View Fair Homepage,” and select the volunteer button. The book fair attracted a large number People. All the stalls were full of books and they had displayed books on several subjects, children books, subjected oriented books, literature books, Law books, management books, science and technology.

Visit Abu Dhabi. Events Calendar. Convention Bureau. Department of Culture and Tourism.

Brief Essay on A Visit to A Book Fair for School and College Students

Visit Abu Dhabi Events Calendar the Fair will feature daily book signings of publications by UAE-based intellectual and creative figures. The Cultural Programme accompanying AABF will host a selection of authors and poets to discuss various intellectual.

Home» School News» Visit to The New Delhi World Book Fair On 13th January54 children from class X visited the New Delhi World Book Fair at the Pragati Maidan.

Book Fair Schedule

They were escorted by. Book TV covers many book festivals each year, many of them LIVE. For the most recent list of upcoming book fairs, please check the schedule on the right side of the page.

A visit to a book fair
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